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If one is unbiased and hate both of the presidential Candidates equally, why would one only trash on Hillary? We got to this place b/c politician for the most part get filthy rich. And until we get money out of elections (YES ALL OF IT) This will continue. 

Get rid of the super packs and make politicians opt in to Government subsidies, paid for by Super rich, the top 1 % with each level of government getting X $$ each. Then it’s fair. No free advertising like The Finals for by being on the news shows 24/7 by saying the most precious, dangerous words possible. In France, for example, if candidates A very X minuets on TV the other Candidates get equal amounts of minutes on TV. Frank-Dodd became useless with the Super Packs. 


                                                        Hillary Clinton

You think she’s a killer? OMG give me a break. B/c she chastised a subordinate in front of a couple of ppl, he goes out and kills himself, and she’s the bad one? He was weak and had mental issues. Stop listening to the propaganda that Fox and Friends spew. 

Millions of children have health insurance b/c of her and the CHIP‘s program. – The senate (controlled by the Republicans) was given notice that the budget (controlled by Congress) wasn’t enough for Libya, yet she is to blame? Congressional Hearing (controlled by Republicans) didn’t believe she was at fault. Why else does everybody hate her? Oh yeah, she forgave her husband. Oh yeah, emails. EMAILS. Give me a break. You put her against a proven self braggadocio’s Sexual Predator who did businesses with Russia! RUSSIA HELLO…. He’s buddy’s with Putin and broke the Cuban embargo trying to do business there. 

So, he’s a great businessman you say! I worked in corporate America for years, tell me a great business man who has bankrupted 6, YES I said 6 businesses, leaving small business owners like you and me, without paying for their work. Is that a great business man? I don’t think so. And, I haven’t even mentioned the 4k+ lawsuits currently in the court system, including many that had their money stolen by this billionaire for a fake MLM university. All his products are made out of this country, and used illegal’s to build his buildings using cheap Chinese metal and mafia concrete. I personally don’t think he’s a millionaire, until he shows his taxes. He won’t of course, because it’ll show he paid no taxes, and he even said on a nationally televised debate calling that smart. Geeeezzzzzzeeee, I could go on and on, cause there are so many reasons this racist, bigoted, narcissist predator with mental illness should not get close to the nuke codes since he’s already said he’d use them and thinks many more countries should have them. Now those are all FACTS that cannot be disputed. 
Is Hillary perfect? No, but she is the most qualified person to be President. You may not like her cup of tea politically. But there is a reason why generals like Colin Powell will vote for her. There is a reason why early voting in Florida shows that 28%of Republican early voters has cast their ballots for her
When you get into the ballot box to cast your vote, I beg of you to think through, what is best for you and all Americans

Republican head of the FBI announces that they have found emails from the wiener laptop with emails from Hillary Clinton.
Yesterday the head of the FBI sent a letter to several Republicans, basically saying absolutely nothing about anything. Isn’t it quite interesting that the Republican nominee for president Donald Trump keeps whining and complaining how the election is corrupt in the system is corrupt all the while a Republican head of the FBI this work for a Democratic president then but we can president is continuing to investigate emails that have to do with Hillary Clinton. The letter said absolutely nothing to the Republicans and Secretary Clinton the Democratic nominee for president of the United States has asked the FBI to clarify exactly what they are looking for and why the leader of the FBI has chosen to break protocol on this specific matter.
For one, am sick and tired of hearing about emails. There’s absolutely nothing in the emails. The personal emails, mostly and have proven to be nothing more than a witch hunt. Why should that surprise anyone? They have been investigating the Clintons for 30 years and the only thing that they have never found is a little bit of DNA on a dress worn by a Clinton aide when he did something that he should never have done. He has paid the price for that, and his wife who chose to stand beside her husband should not pay the consequences for his actions.
I don’t understand the hatered for Hillary’s campaign and the feelings of hate throughout this country for Secretary Clinton is unbelievable. I have had many people ask me, why do people hate Hillary so much. My explanation and thought is that, she has been harrassed for 30 years because of FOXNews and several wacko organizations that constantly file lawsuits about her or her husband. About anything, probably also including breathing air. One thing the Republicans are very good at is pounding and pounding and pounding the same message over and over and over again. It seems that they believe that no matter what they say, it MUST be true. And,  by golly, if it is on the Internet it must be true!

It is amazing the stupidity of the American populace. Our tax dollars are going to be spent with many many many agents review and thousands and thousands and thousands of emails of which they probably already read, instead of following up on a sexual predator who has specifically stated himself that he has sexually abused women. And the sad thing about it, is that he thinks it’s funny! Well in reality it is horrifying the thought that this man could potential he live in the White House. He is mentally unstable in my opinion, and an article written by Keith Oberman outlines specifically why he believes that Donald Trump is mentally unstable. And it is a quite compelling article, that you should read immediately before cast your ballot.

In Mary Ellen Klas article today in the Miami Herald that was also in the Times Tallahassee Bureau newspaper with the heading:
             Solar amendment campaign scrubs its web pages after leaked recording
Mary Ellen Klas writes, “the political committee behind Amendment 1 on solar energy has scrubbed from its social media platforms nearly every reference to the James Madison Institute after revelations that the group’s policy director bragged in a leaked audio recording that utility industry is using the amendment to deceive the public into thinking it is a pro solar initiative.”
This is a state of Florida Amendment 1, that is on the ballot for the November 8th national elections. But, here in Florida they have an amendment which Amendment 1 is about the solar industry. This amendment appears to be a pro solar initiative. However, if you look deeper into the reading of what the law would represent, it would represent big business because it is NOT pro-solar. As a matter fact for our government and our crooked Governor Rick Scott to allow an initiative like this does not surprise me based on his criminal background. (Opinion, since he pleaded the 5th a Million times)
She writes in her article, “Consumers for Smart Solar, a political committee financed primarily by the state’s largest utilities, had predominately displayed a favorable voter guide prepared by JMI on its website and in most of its promotional materials for the past several months.”
This is an amendment written by a sleazy organization to protect the powers of big corporations in the power industry. It is not a green movement in any shape, form or fashion. It is shameful that anyone in government would allow this and times a proposal for an amendment to support big business and haven’t written in a way that people think it’s pro solar. It is not pro-solar exclamation.
This should absolutely be against the law and against the Constitution because it very clearly states in the article that and I quote, “would completely negate anything they (pro-solar interests) would try to do either legislatively or constitutionally down the road.”
These people should be put in jail. End of story. It is because of these types of people that big business runs this country is not a country of we the people any longer. This is a perfect example of this law was written by the utility industry in the state of Florida and allowed to be put forth on the ballot in a deceiving manner that I’m sure are crooked Governor Rick Scott has allowed to do because he is pro-business senses millions of dollars that he made in my homeland state of Kentucky in the health insurance industry before he moved forward and bought the governorship in the state of Florida on the backs of hard-working and when he faced a congressional hearing in the state of Kentucky he took the fifth on everything and walked away with his millions. Disgusting!
Consumers for Smart Solar, on believable. A very smart name for a very, very bad idea which does nothing but prove that big business and big utilities in our state are crooked and ethical and probably illegal and their leaders probably whoever is behind this should be thrown in jail. Quote from the article, “Consumers for Smart Solar on Thursday removed at least seven tweets and eight Facebook post referencing JMI, according to cached files collected by the energy watchdog group, Energy and Policy Institute and it’s why, the Center for Media and Democracy.
James Madison Institute’s vice president Sam Nuzzo in Tallahassee, detailed strategy used by the state’s largest utilities to create and finance Amendment 1 at the state energy-environmental leadership Summit in Nashville on October 2. 
From the article, “Just hours before the Miami Herald/Times first reported on the leaked audio of Nuzzo on Tuesday, Consumers for Smart Solar had tweeted out JMI’s voters guide three times. By Thursday, CSS was no longer predominately promoting the JMI guide, had removed all but two of their past tweets and scrubbed it’s past Facebook posts. It now takes a dig into page 3 of the news page to find the link to download the voters guide.
Another interesting point in the article says and I quote, “David Pomerantz, Executive Director of the Energy and Policy Institute, said the scrubbed websites are more evidence the utility-funded group behind amendment 1 seems to be allergic to telling the truth.”
Here’s another interesting paragraph in this article that tells pretty much all you need to know. “The leaked audio provided ammunition for Amendment 1 opponents who have been unable to compete with the $22 million raised by the state’s largest investor-owned utilities as well as advocacy groups funded by Exxon and the Koch brothers.” This should tell you everything, if the Koch brothers (don’t know the Coke brothers, read the book “Dark Money“and you will know everything about how the Republican Party operates and how America is being bought by the Coke brothers) (in my opinion )are involved in it, it’s got to be hell on earth. (In my opinion!)
Lastly, from the article, (“We now have clear evidence that utilities are using an issue with strong voter support-solar-to mislead Florida voters in order to continue protecting their profits,” said Pamela Goodman of League of Women Voters Florida.
U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, a Tampa Democrat and member of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, said Florida lags behind other states and solar generation and the reports confirmed, “what many had suspected. The proposed Amendment 1 on the general election ballot is an anti-consumer sham.”
I personally am so sick and tired of big business running our country. Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights says that, “We the people,” should make sure our elected officials are governing for the people. They are governing to make more and more money is in their pockets. So that they can be reelected, so the lobbyist can continue to pour money into their campaigns and into the personal lives, so they can get richer and richer and richer, instead of doing what is right by the people. 
Big business is what is going to bring down our democracy and our country! And, until we get money out of elections, we will keep playing their games. Living by their rules, not ours! Money is the root of all evil and until we get money out of our elections, we will not grow our country to prosperity the way it has been in the past.
Look up the links, check out the tapes, and read thoroughly Amendment 1 before you go to the ballot box. So that you understand the importance of voting on this amendment. My opinion is that I strongly urge and am strongly endorsing voting NO on amendment 1. Please please please educate yourself, and vote NO on amendment 1! GODSPEED…