The Health and Lies of A Donald Trump Presidency

The Health and Lies of A Donald Trump Presidency

Okay, no more lock her up, lock her up! No more crooked Hillary, as a matter fact he should be saying and has said with tax returns that he’s crooked and has done illegal things with his charity and faces fines there. And, has said he doesn’t want to bring any harm to the Clinton’s. 
Yes, he has settled probably thousands of lawsuits with his $25 million settlement in the Trump University scam, so that is out of his way before he takes office. Not sure if he has decided what he will be doing about the rape case of the 13 year old child that he is accused of raping. I personally haven’t heard if he has bought his way out of that. 
He had backtracked on climate change and his immigration stance had changed. 
So yeah, he is not doing anything he promised during the election. What differentiates him with any other politician? Hillary, for example! He has done a backtrack on all his rhetoric that the extreme right and the alt-right is disappointed in him. He’s the new slick Willie. A true politician. One that is costing the American people’s over a million dollars a day in securing him and his family, as they have to protect his family that will stay in New York at Trump Tower and the day Or two that he plans on being at the White House.  
So he has done and is going to do nothing of what he campaigned on. The difference between him and Hillary is absolutely nothing. I hope all of the people that voted for him realize that they are not going to get anything other than the same old shit that all politicians have done. And, that’s doing whatever the hell he wants to do after his election, including running his businesses through the White House as it has already been seen since his election with his Indian partners with his daughter wearing a million-dollar bracelet on a 60 minute interview, the next day it was posted online for sale. Surprise! This is going to be the craziest ride in our history and this will be the most investigated presidents in our history. You heard it right here from me, first! Which says a lot because George W. Bush after being assigned the presidency twice and not winning elections was investigated a lot, Bill Clinton was investigated a lot, and now Mr. Trump (Not My President) will be investigated and investigated. Unless of course he pays off somebody like he always does.
He’s a so called business man who knows absolutely nothing about governing. Why do you think he hasn’t had a news conference since July? Bed because he has no Answers to questions that would be asked of him. And, bringing into Trump Tower news casters you demean and talk down to being a classy act that has pissed off all need channels except maybe Fox News, and that’s a maybe. Because for a Republican to upset Fox and Friends takes a lot. 
Lastly, now some reports are suggesting that the possibility of the election was hacked by the Russians for a Trump Presidency. 
We are charting into very scary times. This is why I pray that #CalExit is possible. If so, I’ll be moving from the East Coast you the country of California. 
Check it out:

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets 

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets 

– As the game starts, I have two Miami Dolphin players playing in my FanDuel league and that is quarterback Ryan Tannehill and wide receiver Jarvis Landry. And, on my Fantasy Football team I have Landry and Jay Ajai playing. 
– Jets get the ball started this game, and end up driving for a field gold. There was scuffling already starting between Maxwell of the Dolphins and Bryan Marshall of the NY Jets.
– During the Dolphins 1st possession they got 2 penalties against the New York Jets. 1 for unsportsmanlike conduct and the other a personal foul. The Jets are out-of-control and gave up 30 yards in penalties, as Jay Ajayi scores is for the first touchdown of the game. This gives the Miami Dolphins a 7 – 3 lead.
– Matt Forte rips off of a 31 yard run scoring a touchdown in the first quarter, giving the New York Jets a 10-7 lead for the NY Jets. The Dolphins receive the ensuing kickoff and on their first play Ryan Tannehill hits Jarvis Landry with the slant for 12 yards and a 1st down. On the next play Jay Ajai gets 8 yards for the Miami Dolphins ending the first quarter score 10 for the New York Jets and seven for Miami Dolphins’s. Starred in third-quarter the Dolphins will have it on second and 2
– Dominique Jones a tight end that was not even on the Dolphins roster earlier this season, just scored on the first possession of the second half of the Miami Dolphins with the second scoring pass from Ryan Tannehill. This gives the Miami Dolphins a 14 – 10 lead at the 10 minute mark in the 2nd quarter.
– Miami leads 14 – 13 with 5 minutes left to go in the 2nd quarter. The Dolphins made a stop for the second time not allowing the New York Jets into the end zone. We’ll see if Ryan Tannehill can orchestrate a two minute drill in the five-minute areas and get more points on the board before halftime.
– Jakeem Grant of the Miami Dolphins tool a 49 yard punt to the end zone. However, there was a holding penalty. The play of rookie running back from Alabama Kenyan Drake. That caused the Dolphins to have to go into halftime with only a 14 – 13 lead.
– The Miami Dolphins have found themselves a career running back in the form Jay Ajayi. He is a pounder with great cut and go speed, and it has made history in the last two games by being over 200 yards. With five minutes before the end of the third-quarter Miami Dolphins just had a field goal giving them a 17 – 13 lead.
– At the five-minute mark prior to the end of the third-quarter New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick throws his first interception of the day to the Dolphin’s defense of tackle Jordan Phillips. He made his first great plays for the Dolphins, while on the return he hurdles a defender. Running to the Dolphins 14 yard line. Incredible play move and catch by a defense of tackle. Incredibly athletic!
– With 11:25 left in the game the New York Jets are without starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as he was hit in the knee and is possible to return with a knee brace.
– At The seven minute mark in the fourth quarter Brian Fitzpatrick throws another interception to Bobbie McCain of the Miami Dolphins, in the end zone taking seven points away from them after a long drive. The Miami Dolphins continue to lead the game 20 – 16 and have the ball.
– At the 7 minute mark the Dolphins miss an opportunity to get a first down when the tight end dropped the ball at the 1st down marker. Subsequently, the Miami Dolphins punter dropped the ball before he had a chance to kick it. New York received the ball with the ball and the 12 yard line. Do fins still leading 20 – 16.
– The New York Jets take the lead over the Miami Dolphins with a touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick giving the New York Jets a 2320 lead with 5:42 to go in the game. So, turn over by the punter not catching the ball leads to 7 points for the New York Jets. Let’s see if the Dolphins can finish it on their home field.
-After The first kick off was brought back due to a penalty on the kicking team the New York Jets. The re-kick was received on the 6 yard line by rookie running back Kenyan Drake and returned for a touchdown. This exciting turn of events gives the Miami Dolphins the lead 27 – 23 with 5:15 left to play. 
– The Dolphins defense took over and stopped the New York Jets offense. The Jets punted to the Dolphins and then it was Jay Ajayi time again. He took over the game by dominating on the ground. He pounded or 2first downs, and ran several times until he reached the 10 yard line where Ryan Tannehill took a knee and the Miami Dolphins won their fourth game, bringing their record for the year to 4 – 4 and keeping their playoff hopes alive

Medical Marijuana Survey

Medical Marijuana Survey

Upcoming article will deal with medical marijuana. But, until then I’d like to know if your for or against the legalization of MEDICAL MARIJUNA?

Create your own user feedback survey

Holistic Medicine or Medical Errors

Holistic Medicine or Medical Errors

Holistic Medicine or Medical Errors

Dr. Peter Glidden Holistic Medicine

Which would you prefer: holistic medicine or medical errors? Today I saw a video that was quite shocking to me. You can watch below. Do you know that 15,000 Medicare patients die EACH MONTH FROM medical doctors directions! Now, let that sink in! 15,000

As Dr. Peter Glidden BS ND, states in the video that we can have two planes hit the world trade center and a war broke out. But yet, 15,000 Medicare patients each month die because of doctor directed treatments! Yet no one is held accountable. I think this is outrageous! And, scary quite frankly!

What is the US Healthcare System doing about it? To my knowledge nothing. Remember this number is JUST the amount of Medicare patients. It does not include the population as a whole. So, when seniors look at what their life expectancy is, they may consider picking the right doctors and facilities.

In Miami, Fl. a large part of seniors choose clinics that are set up to have their clients visit daily. So that they can enjoy many different things, like breakfast, exercise, games and treats yet in some cases they never get the proper diagnosis.

Here are two examples:

  • My father in law back in the 1990’s kept feeling that something was wrong with his stomach. He’d have an upset stomach after eating and so he went to the doctor’s office. A simple reason given and then he was sent home. He returned for some tests and nothing. A year or so later, he went back again and they found cancer. He was offered chemotherapy which he chose not to take part in. He was given approximately 6 months to live. He along with our family members sought out health and holistic alternatives. He followed this regent of a holistic medicine approach using all natural herbs and more. He was eating a healthy organic diet. I believe because of this approach he never took hard narcotics, or hardly any doctor recommended medicine. He lived until they said he would! He never had pain until the night he had a bad headache and took a tylenol 3 went to sleep and never woke up. Now we are thankful to holistic medicine and approach as he lived a much better quality of life than he would have. The reason I tell this story is, what if a year and a half earlier, when they found out he had cancer maybe he would have had other options. On top of it they never told him! Would he have had other options that would have possibly lead to a longer life?
  • My mother in law a couple of years ago was complaining of back pain. Now I consider myself an expert in this field. Or, as much as possible without having a degree due to three lumbar back fusion surgeries. Mamita was never sick a day in her life, never complained and was a strong woman. Hell, her mother had lived to almost 100! So, I had thought that she had picked up one of her grand children and pulled a muscle. We took her to the emergency room were we were shocked to find out she had cancer. It was on almost every stomach organ, including the base of her heart. The reason I tell this story is that after her passing, my wife was going through her things. She was wearing one of her sweaters and found a receipt for a scan test on her heart showing abnormalities. The clinic did not investigate or run anymore test and sent her home. This was eight months before us finding out she had cancer.
    These are two perfect examples showing some doctors do not go beyond the norm. They do not investigate further, much less misdiagnosed symptoms. In both cases they did not live to their life expectancy because of a lazy, incompetent or too busy doctors.


Medical Errors

Medical Errors

Hospital Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

The following comes from the website Hospital Safety Score:

Washington, D.C., October 23, 2013 – New research estimates up to 440,000 Americans are dying annually from preventable hospital errors. This puts medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the United States, underscoring the need for patients to protect themselves and their families from harm, and for hospitals to make patient safety a priority. Read the rest of the article here!

Why Medical Errors Happen

That’s a great question, don’t you think? First, I will tell you to look in the mirror. With this little thing called the internet, we can find out huge amounts of information. I will suggest what I do. I have had several surgeries and had skin cancer back in the late 1990’s so with every test, exam, MRI, CAT Scan, blood test I look at everything. I have become pretty good at looking at x-rays, and seeing some of the MRI’s. If something is outside of the norm I look it up and find out what it is and fix it.

Secondly, it is vital that you research the doctors that you pick. Yes a recommendation are important. But testimonials confirm the recommendation is valid.

What’s a Plant Based Diet You May Ask

A plant based diet is just what it says. And, it is referred to in the YouTube video you can watch right here. Some call it a Vegan diet. Some years ago I had high blood pressure, a border line diabetic, on cholesterol medicine, and way on the road to bad things. I have three sisters that have been vegans and vegetarians, some for more than 30 years. So, I joined their team about six years ago. I am working towards a plant based diet  and healthy lifestyle. When I became a vegetarian I lost 100 point on my cholesterol, 20 points on my sugar and went off all meds I was taking at the time. To get you started on the road to a healthy lifestyle check out the program.

But, I watch what I eat. I may have a piece of fish once or twice a month and an egg once a week and cheese only on a pizza. Just as an example. If you want to be healthy and live a long time, start putting fuel in your body via a plant based diet that is good for you. I do take herbs and supplements, which I’ll go into at another time. But, if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle then I’d suggest checking out Health Peak and Well Farm websites. They have lots of great information. They are my sisters websites and she is a certified Naturopathic doctor.



Holistic Information

They’re lots of website to get information from. But, take the step and commit to a healthy lifestyle. Choose a holistic lifestyle and when possible a holistic medicine approach.that you. Here are some sites for you to can check out:

The Journal of the American Medical Association and
The United States Department of Health and Human Services, as examples. I hope you enjoy the video and take action, right now. Make a commitment to someone you love that you’ll lose weight and start eating healthier.
And, the best way to eat is organic and at least vegetarian. If you knew what they put in the animals you wouldn’t eat it anyway. Read, “The Seeds of Death,” on this website to understand a little bit about this subject. And, if you can watch the following documentaries, “Cowspiracy, ” and “Vegucated.” Both I believe are on Netflix. You can try YouTube as well. Coming shortly to are reviews of these two documentary.

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PlantPure Nation Review

PlantPure Nation Review

PlantPure Nation Review

A Look at PlantPure Nation

We are going to take a look at the movie and movement of “PlantPure Nation,” but first, lets get some housekeeping out of the way.

PlantPure Nation is a documentary about our health and bringing attention to what the benefits of a plant based diet is all about!

I have been a vegetarian for over 5 years now. I do eat fish about once a month – so, maybe you can call me a pescatarian! I have been influenced for years as all three of my sisters are vegetarians and vegans. I am the baby of seven and there are now six siblings and my three sisters are all healthy and vibrant, while us boys got the bad genes and are or have lost our hair, have a somewhat tire around our waist-lines and struggle with health issues. Now I’m on a quest to get to a straight plant based diet.

So, I decided about 5 and a half years ago to join their team and became a vegetarian. I almost immediately lost over 100 points on my cholesterol, my triglycerides dropped and my sugar dropped a little over 20 points and I went off of 3 different medications. In recent times I have struggled to eat a healthy vegetarian diet and know I need to add more greens and drop the dairy.

I heard of this documentary from my sister who is a Naturopath Doctor and the movie happened to be playing at a theatre here in Miami this weekend. So, I decided to check it out and headed to a very hip theatre in the Wynwood area called O Cinema.

So, What is This PlantPure Nation All About

First thing is that it has PROOF behind it and credibility with the main two characters in this documentary being a son and his father. P-P-N-Father-SonThe father (Dr. T. Colin Campbell – wrote the book, “The China Study” & The China Study Cookbook) And, his son does the studies and authors the documentary. You can find their Board of Directors HERE! This movie takes you from the Kentucky legislative branches to the sides of North Carolina. Because of lobiest and big money corporations my homeland of Kentucky didn’t want anything to do with making their citizens healthy. So, he did his own trials and paid for them out of his pocket.

They started with a small group in a small little town outside of Chapel Hill, N.C. and they were successful in finding the information they needed to keep going. See the PlantPure Nation Trailer HERE!

Are You Living A Healthy Lifestyle

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? For everyone it may be different, But, I see many from my home state of Kentucky when I go back home. And, most my age and younger do not look healthy. Why do you think that in the early 80’s cancer risks were 1 in every 25 would deal with cancer in their lifetimes and today it’s every 1 in 2 & 1/2? It’s the environment in which we live and what we put into our bodies. Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Let me tell you if you want to live a good long life, grab the insurance of a plant based diet and see the difference in a very short period of time. And, let me tell you, if I can do it you can too. BECAUSE of you don’t statistically you will die early of a heart attack, like a very dear friend of mine just recently, or of cancer. So, go ahead and roll the dice if you choose to.

I do not want to give you more about the movie. You can check out the trailer or google the documentary, but go see the movie when it gets close to you or when it goes on sale. It may be the difference in living and dying. And, I strongly suggest checking out the book, “The China Study.”

Watch this and see if you still want to eat meat! Beware it is graphic, you’ve been warned! 

If you’re interested in starting, I’d suggest starting slowly so your body adjusts gradually. And, you can start with some juices each day. If you would like to check out a 92 day juice diet, check it our Click Here!




5 Food Habits That Can Reverse Depression and Actually Make You Happier

5 Food Habits That Can Reverse Depression and Actually Make You Happier

5 Food Habits That Can Reverse Depression and Actually Make You Happier

5 Food Habits That Can Reverse Depression and Actually Make You Happier

Exercising Along With a Healthy Diet, Saves Lives!

Exercising Along With a Healthy Diet, Saves Lives!

As seen on the “Zite” app from Android PLAY STORE.

Written on 2/14/2014 by Alexander Heyne. Alexander runs Modern Health Monk , a site that shows you how to reverse health problems caused by 21st century life. Check out his free weight loss crash course, or his free courses on fixing lower back pain and chronic health problems
Did you know that just a few surprising dietary tweaks can boost your happiness, and help speed up recovery from

Alexander Heyne

Alexander runs Modern Health Monk , a site that shows you how to reverse health problems caused by 21st century life.

The number of people on antidepressants is startling. And, when you look at the stats, almost 25% of women and 15% of men in their 40s and 50s are on antidepressants.

Do you know what’s even scarier? Medicating (over-medicating) people for depression is also on the rise – by over 400% SOURCE

So what’s going on here? Why is everyone so unhappy?

It’s not surprising that there’s a huge movement towards integrative health, and people are trying to find supplements, foods, and lifestyle factors that will naturally heal themselves and make them healthier.

But did you know that there are just a couple of things you can add to your diet to see a boost in your mood and happiness?

  1. Number one.

    One study SOURCE found that the Mediterranean diet actually lowered the chances of depression. In a 7-year follow-up study, people on the Mediterranean diet had a 98.6% lower chance of developing depression than their peers.

    Oh, and a similar study found that fast food consumption actually increases your chances of being depressed.

    By the way, the Mediterranean diet is essentially fish, veggies, fruits, and some whole grains. In other words, it’s what we think of when we say “ a healthy diet.”

  2. Number two.

    Taking amino acid supplements has been found to reduce symptoms of depression and mental disorders.

    Know where you find amino acids? Protein!

    So rather than supplementing with amino acids, start adding more regular sources of protein to your diet like grass-fed beef, chicken, fatty cold water fish like salmon and mackerel, or eggs and dairy. Study source

  3. Number three.

    Consider this fact: people who are depressed often show poor or inadequate nutrition.

    So if you need (another) reason to exercise and starting taking care of your health it’s for this reason: your mood!

    Now whether they’re depressed because of their poor nutrition is up for debate – it may realistically just be a combination of lifestyle factors leading to their poor nutrition.

    But we know that exercise and healthy overall eating boost your mood dramatically and are linked to more happiness and less depression.

  4. Number four.

    Low levels of two omega 3 fatty acids – DHA and EPA – have also been linked to major depression in modern people.

    These are found in cold water fish (like salmon, sardines) or in fish oil supplements, in addition to flax oil and walnuts.

    So if you aren’t eating your fish or supplementing with fish oil, that’s a good start!

    You can also consider adding flax oil/flax seeds or walnuts to a breakfast smoothie or in your breakfast.

  5. Number five.

    Vitamin B (Folate) and magnesium deficiencies are often linked to depression SOURCE, and supplementing with these two nutrients has been shown to speed recovery.

    Some natural sources of Folate are beans, lentils, and spinach.

    Beans Lentils and Spinach

    Beans Lentils and Spinach

    Magnesium can be found in bananas, beans, or brown rice.

    Okay. So those are some of the core things you can add to your diet, but there’s one last thing I didn’t mention here…

    “…But Carbs Make Me Happy!”

    People sometimes say “wait, but ice cream makes me happy, and I crave sugar, so does that mean by body needs it?”

    The short answer: ice cream may be fun to eat, but there isn’t much evidence suggesting that this is because of any kind of nutrient deficiency 🙂

    In reality, carbohydrates function almost identical to a drug: they give the brain a shot of dopamine (part of the pleasure chemicals in your brain), and work almost like popping a pill.

    That’s why emotional eating is often so effective at curbing our emotions temporarily.

    It really is (almost) identical to popping a Valium to improve your mood.

    For those of you who are on a low carbohydrate diet, and are suffering from depression, you might want to add some carbs back into your diet and see how it alters your daily mood.

Need more reasons to eat healthy?

Lose weight. Have insane energy. Sleep better. Fix health problems like GI issues or even severe acne.

Need another reason to start getting healthy?

Your diet may actually help reverse depression, boost your mood, and make your life a lot easier and happier.

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Cancer What are Your Odds

Cancer What are Your Odds

Cancer What are Your Odds

Cancer What are Your Odds

Everyone Should Know Their Odds of Obtaining Cancer

Today I am taking on the subject of cancer odds not a specific type of cthe disease or to a specific demographic or a specific sex but just the disease in general. In this article from man’s biggest risk is from prostate cancer, with a 1 in 6 chance of obtaining prostate cancer. That’s
HUGE! And, for a woman, her biggest risk is getting breast cancer, with a 1 in 8 chance of obtaining best cancer. These numbers are reflective in research from 2007 until 2009. This shared from the article: The US National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Database, and is based on incidence and mortality data for the United States from 2007 through 2009, the most current years for which data are available.

Cancer Remedies

Some interesting insights into some cancer remedies that you might not think of. Some say there is no curses for cancer cures. I’m not suggesting that this information is 100%. However, when fighting cancer (And, chances are now 1 in every 2.5 people will have the disease in their lifetime) every bit of information you can gather will make you more knowledgeable. And, knowledge is power. Checkout this eBook from Dr. Marton, “The Most Effective Natural Cancer Remedies” From Dr. Morton Walker. BY CLICKING HERE!

What are your Cancer Odds

All men have a 44.81% chance of obtaining some kind of cancer in their lifetime and women a 38.17% chance. Those are high cancer odds! Again, these are HUGE odds, yet when I post an article on GMO’s and their effect on our DNA that includes a movie about this issue it seems to not be important. I am a cancer survivor and wrote about Melanoma and some important information, that hopefully everyone has read. With men at almost 50% chance and women at an almost 4 out of 10 chance of getting some type of cancer in their lives. And, The National Institute of Health shows the current expense associated with cancer throughout 2007 in the USA was over $2 hundred billion. Of this, $89 billion ended up being caused by health related costs and over $18 billion has been as a result of dropped production expenses. With these high numbers and information, do you have a cancer insurance policy? I am not advocating for any one company, just stating facts. We spend (including me) stupid money all the time, when a few bucks could help us greatly in the future.

Hopefully, I have brought up some important issues for you to think about. Protection from risk! Protect yourself by eating properly, knowing what is in your food, supplementing properly, holding your government accountable, and playing the odds in your favor by passing along the risk.

I am writing today about cancer in honor of my mother, Aunt Jean, father in-law and mother in-law, and all who have fought this deadly disease. They fought the good fight against cancer. RIP, Kathleen Quirey Nusz, Javier Hugo Desme, Glide Consuelo Desme, I love and missed you all dearly.

Godspeed, and stay safe out there.